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Title Size
Windows UI 149 KB
Proof-of-Concept as mentioned on Direct-L. Simulates the Windows menus using graphics.
Show/Hide 40 KB
Behavior that allows one to show, hide, or toggle the positions of one or more groups of sprites.
MABsetFileDate v0.92 109 KB
Utility for setting the file dates of 1 or more files. (Windows only) Updated 03-Sep-2000
Lingo Syntax Highlighter (updated to D8.5) 6 KB
Director Lingo syntax highlighter Word file for use with the UltraEdit text editor. Updated 24-Apr-2002 for Director 8.5.1
findAllChars v1.1 39 KB
Text search with optional highlight for strings or substrings in a text member.
soundPlayButton v1.0 Copy/Paste
When dropped on a graphic sprite this behavior will allow you to choose a sound member to play (via puppetSound) and select 4 button states: Play up, Play down, Stop Up, and Stop down.
It will "remember" the proper state the button should be in when you return to this frame.
It will also revert back to the Play button when the music stops.
sortNames 22 KB
Very simple example of:
"How can I sort a list of names from a list of property lists, display the sorted names in a text member, click a name and display all the related properties in a text member on another frame?"
underWhichLine 10 KB
Illustrates scrolling a text member with custom scroll buttons. mouseUp reads the text under the vertically centered yellow rectangle sprite.
=Director 7 .dir file    =Shocked .dcr file    =HTML Lingo    =Text file    =Windows .exe file