Mark Boyd's Hobbies

[Image: 1992 Explorer on top of the rock] [Image: 1992 Explorer covered in mud]

One of the things I used to enjoy before I got too busy is 4-wheelin’. It was invigorating to climb to the top of the rock on the left image. As for the right image, look out for the mud!

I went out & put surface scratches all over this car before I had 500 miles on it! I didn’t even have the license plate yet. I spent $40.00 at a car wash, two days buffing it out, then went right back to the same trail. Sheesh! It was well worth it, though.

I drove that car for 13 years! I finally traded it in for a 2006 model with lots of bells & whistles. I haven’t been off-road in years, so I got the 2WD version.

More hobbies

  1. Space pictures. See the NASA Image of the Day
  2. Fishing
  3. Calligraphy.
  4. Wood working. I got a new Shopsmith Mark 7 in 2014.
  5. I used to enjoy solving the Rubic’s Cube. An old friend, Mart, still does!
  6. I used to enjoy creating 3D computer animations & graphics with my Amiga 2500/020 computer by Commodore
  7. I used to enjoy backpacking & camping in the high Sierras.
  8. I used to enjoy [Image: My Colt Peacemaker]Guns
  9. I used to enjoy Skiing in Colorado