Mark Boyd's Naturism

My Background in Naturism/Nudism

It wasn’t until I reached my 50s that I realized . . .

I am a nudist!

That’s right. An official, card-carrying nudist. Card-carrying?! Yep. I am a member of The Naturist Society (TNS) and of American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). If you’re thinking about sex, swingers, nudist “colonies” — STOP! Follow either one of those links to get a better understanding of naturism/nudism.


I have always preferred to be nude. As a little boy, I used to pull my pajamas down when sleeping - I couldn't stand how they always scrunched up and woke me up. I remember swimming naked in our above ground pool with a neighborhood girl when we were about six years old. We got an earful about shame that I didn't really understand, but I obeyed and stayed clothed (other than sleeping) for many years. I remember enjoying an outdoor shower (a hose left in the sun and hung from the garage) at my Grandfather's house.

My first exposure to nudists was when I was 13 or 14 years old and backpacking with my Dad and Brother. We were bathing in the stream (in our underwear) when a naked couple walked by our campsite and crossed the stream further down to their campsite. A very good memory for me.

In junior high school, a few friends and I rode our bikes naked around the neighborhood one night. I have no idea whose idea it was, but I thoroughly enjoyed being nude outside. That was before I had ever heard of streaking. I thought we were just riding around naked. Later, and in a different State, a few of us intentionally streaked in front of cars at night. While that was fun, exhibitionism really isn't my bailiwick.

My first experience skinny-dipping in mixed company was while working at the Eglin Officers Club. Most of the waiters, waitresses, busboys, and KPs partied together after work. One night somebody suggested skinny-dipping in the pool. At 16 or 17, I was nervous, but went ahead with the crowd. Incredibly fun! Even though we were all in our prime (hormonally speaking), there was nothing sexual about it. We were just having great fun swimming nude.

I took – and still take – every opportunity to skinny-dip in the bayous and in the Gulf of Mexico. I used to sun bathe in the nude on long stretches of beaches on the Gulf or in the sand dunes before and after tourist season. Those areas are now jam-packed with high rise condominiums.

Fast-forward through many years with occasional episodes of skinny-dipping in mixed or same gender company ‘til I landed a job working at home. At some point I wondered why I was getting dressed to walk 15 steps to the room with the office? So I quit doing that – getting dressed, that is. I was way too busy working to have a life and it was around then that I began wondering if others felt the same as I about nudity. I started looking up nudist/naturist places in the area and discovered that I was only minutes away from two places. Yet I never went to either of them.


Since then, I met Deborah through mutual friends. She is also a nudist and enjoys beaches, swimming, and gardening as well. We went to Cypress Cove Nudist Resort together in 2015 – our first visit to an “official” nudist place. We booked a cruise on the Big Nude Boat - Dare 2 Bare (BNB-D2B) 2017 event on the Carnival Pride through Bare Necessities Tour and Travel. I wrote about this two-week nakation here.

Our home, lovingly called “The Land of Relaxment” is truly clothing optional. Wear as little or as much as you want to at any time. Several of our friends are aware and a couple of them enjoy sitting nude on the patio with us from time to time. Don't be surprised if one of us answers the door naked.

I can be found on a few naturist Website forums as well. I am known as “mbnude” on Naturist-Christians.org. That’s right. Naturist Christians. In 2017 I accepted a position as a board member and Webmaster of that site. I am “Mark Boyd” on Naktiv.net, a forum with many active naturists from around the world. I’m not sure why, but I chose “Bimini Twist” as my moniker on the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) forum.

Nudist/Naturist, Schmudist/Schmaturist. I don't care. I just like to be...

“Nude When Possible—Clothed When Practical.”

If you are not offended by the sight of one of God's creations in a natural state, you can see some nude pictures and videos on my Naturist Photos (Nudity) page.